Roman Glaser and his family and friends from Austria visited at the beginning of July for Motorhome hire Scotland, and travelled around in one our Auto Roller 656 family motorhomes and one of our Swift Escape 624 family motorhomes.  They had a great time enjoying the sights and scenery, and making the most of our beautiful summer weather. The Isle of Skye was a particular highlight for Roman and his group to visit in the Motorhomes.

“Hi Andy,
Here are some photos you can publish on the Facebook page. It give a small impression of our trip. Of course, I tell my friends about your company, because all worked easy for us and for myself I will return to Scotland definitely for longer time, but maybe in not so huge company.
I think I can speak for all of us, when I say the Isle of Skye has amazed us most. Maybe you recommend it to your other customers.

Best Regards