So you have decided to embark on a campervanning holiday. And what a great choice, especially because you will have the freedom to journey almost wherever you fancy in Scotland and the opportunity to overnight in some amazingly remote and scenic locations.

Before you you travel, or as your journey along, why not enjoy a book or two about campervanning?

10 good campervan reads

From campervan cookbooks to books about personal campervan trips and other books about great places to stay in a campervan, we pick 10 of the best campervanning reads.

2Q==Mountains, Lochs and Lonely Spots: A Tour of Scotland in a VW Campervan
By Steve Roach

This personal story is about Steve, his partner and their dog Clem as they enjoy a grand tour of Scotland in a classic T2 VW Campervan. From a monster-hunting trip on Loch Ness, a journey inside a hollow mountain and a wander round the streets of Edinburgh, the book covers popular attractions, as well as less touristy places to visit.


2Q==-1The Camper Van Coast: Cooking, eating, living the life
By Martin Dorey

This book urges you to head to the coast in a campervan. It reckons that if you live in the UK, you will never be more than 70 miles from the great British seaside. And with a wealth of fabulous fresh, local and seasonal food available to you, why not turn your campervan trip into a culinary adventure? This book brings you a host of info and recipes for a great holiday in a campervan.


2Q==-3The Original VW Camper Cookbook: 80 Tasty Recipes Specially Composed for Cooking in a Camper
By Steve Rooker

There are more than 160 inspirational pages, containing 80 recipes, for cooking in a campervan. The book doesn’t worry about having only a one or two-gas burner for a cooker. It simply goes wild, suggesting amazing recipes for soups, starters, light bites, lunches, main courses, barbecuing and desserts. The book says: “If you can cook it in a campervan you can cook it anywhere!”


ZTwo Old Farts and a Motorhome!
By Patti Trickett

To celebrate their retirement, Patti Trickett and her husband Chris bought a two-berth motorhome and set off to enjoy regular short breaks in the UK and an extended tour of Scotland. Learning the necessary skills of touring, they experienced some hilarious situations.

Returning home, they decided to do extensive planning and drive their motor home through Central Europe to their villa in Crete. More fun and stories ensued. This is a good book for reading in the evenings while enjoying your own van trip.


9k=The Camper Van Cookbook: Life on 4 Wheels, Cooking on 2 Rings
By Martin Dorey

More than 80 tasty recipes are detailed that can be cooked on just two rings. There are also a few barbeque feasts and campfire crackers. This is the dashboard bible for anyone who hits the road at the wheel of a campervan.


littlevanLittle Book of Camper Van
By Charlotte Morgan

The Little Book of Camper Van is a 128-page hardback book that looks back at the development of one of the most quirky and unique vehicles to have been manufactured.


Z-1VW Camper Van: A Biography
By Mike Harding

It was invented immediately after the war, in the factory a far-sighted English military man and had been set up to turn the German economy from making machines of warfare to more specific products. By the seventies that dream had been fulfilled as the VW Campervan became the conveyance of choice for West Coast hippies, Australian surf bums and Europeans taking the overland route to find enlightenment and good karma in India.

It’s still the first choice for couples or families seeking a great adventure. While more modern campervans have been found to be more reliable for an extended trip van fans will still enjoy this biography of the famous VW campervan.


blueBlue Camper Van: The Vehicle For POSiTiVE Change
By Dee Ford

Blue Camper Van offers a toolbox of skills to help heal your mind, body, soul and emotions so that you can function to Formula One standard. Travel by campervan and learn more about how to achieve positive changes in your life as you go.


2Q==-5Camper Love
By Jamie Tinney

Another look back at the history of the campervan. This book is filed with beautiful photography and celebrates the VW van.


9k=-1My Cool Campervan
By Jane Field-Lewis & Chris Haddon

My Cool Campervan looks at the growing trend for campervans and motorhomes, and the diverse ways that owners are styling them. The book looks beyond the VW to vans from other manufacturers and earlier eras. It includes over 30 examples from the UK, US, Europe and Australia, including classics such as the Dormobile, VW, Commervan and Winnebago. Enjoy a visual voyage as you holiday in your holiday hire campervan or motorhome.



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