Fixed High Roof – VW Campervan Rental Scotland

VW Campervan Rental Scotland – Fixed High Roof Campervan

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Sleeping & Travelling

One of our VW Campervan rental Scotland options is a 4 berth fixed high roof camper van. Compact and easy to drive it is perfect for travelling through the smallest of Scottish roads. Ideal for couples or families with young children.

Kitchen and Cooking

The 4 berth fixed roof VW Campervan rental Scotland model has all you need for cooking and eating well on your travels.

Heating & Power

This 4 berth fixed high roof VW Campervan rental Scotland is equipped so you can wild camp or stay at campsites as you prefer.


Add accessories to the 4 berth fixed roof VW Campervan rental Scotland model to make the most of your travels in Scotland.

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