Lowlander Deluxe – Luxury 4 Berth Motorhome

Our Lowlander Deluxe Luxury motorhome sleeps up to 4 people and is packed full of features. It’s the perfect choice for couples featuring a large, fixed double, island bed, at the rear, and an electric drop down double in the large living area.

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Sleeping and Relaxing

This luxury 2 or 4 person motorhome Scotland features a rear island bed and and an electric drop down double.

Kitchen & Washroom

There is a large shower cubicle as well as a separate toilet and a sink and vanity unit on this luxury 2 or 4 person motorhome Scotland. Also a fully equipped kitchen including:

Comfort & Accessories

This luxury 2 or 4 person motorhome Scotland features four travelling seat belts, large panoramic windows, garage / storage area and four cycle bike. Accessories include:

Heating, Water & Power

This luxury 2 or 4 person motorhome Scotland also has large water and waste tanks and high capacity batteries for wild camping in Scotland. Choose to stop in campsites or wild camp as you prefer.

Audio & Entertainment

As you would expect there is a fuel efficient 130Bhp diesel engine and climate control to make this an unbeatable choice for a luxury 2 or 4 person motorhome Scotland option.

Driving / Cab

This luxury Motorhome is superb to drive and has a number of additional features to make your journey a pleasant one.

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